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Second Grader Swear Invention

“I invented a new swear word…”

“Is it C-R-A-P,” I spell out loud,to see if he’s paying any attention.

“No!” Curious I ask, “what is it?”

“CRIT,” he proudly states.

“Who taught you that I ask?” “You don’t want to know,” and he takes off to reunite with his friends in the school yard.

I’d have to admit it is quite clever.


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Farting “Dog” Quote

farting-dog“I’m a dog…and if you pull my paw… I fart in your face.”

Words of wisdom from a five year old playing “dogs.” But, don’t worry, she said she was just pretending. Maybe this one was inspired by a particular book?

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Punk Player Quote

“I learned everything I need to know…. through watching educational shows for kids!”

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