Here’s To Looking Through A New Lens!

Already we will be entering week 3 of the new school year. We have a new group of kindergartners who are literally diving right into our stations in the morning. Much of our attention has been wrapped around providing a stimulating environment for those busy hands. We play tons of cooperative games and work on challenging puzzles. The math manipulates such as the building ten blocks, scales, rulers, measuring tapes, coins, dice, and other tools, keep learning rolling. Inside a new classroom with our traditional science center of live creatures, various wooden blocks, a state of the art library, our own bath room and sink, etc. – we’re living large. Outside we unrolled about 12 square feet of sod for little feet to stampede, frolic, and roll around on, extended the garden space, and shifted our wood shop under a large canopy space. This year looking through a new lens, it has been action packed, to say the least. This group is serious about exploring and learning, as it should be!

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