Preschool Punk’s New Direction in Play

First off, I want to give a shout out for those working towards preserving the inner drive for kids to play! I think it is our civic duty as adults to reassure that we create places where play can go on unfettered and uninterrupted by adult intervention, while leaving space to safely explore the world.

As a Preschool Punk who has graduated to K-2 this school year, the time has arrived for me to go back to school. That’s right, on a personal tip, I’m heading to grad school to study more about this idea of Play.

I want to thank you dear reader for tuning in and as you can expect more to come, as I strive to post periodically to feature… the not so dull bursts on ingenuity and chaos theory in the classroom, while buckling down a bit with the grad work. My intention is to use this mini media platform to highlight those ingenious moments of kids taking control of their own education, while posting some of my own reflections and essays on this topic of Play.

Here’s my grad thesis question as of today: how does play contribute to fostering healthier, holistic, and more egalitarian communities? Does the freedom of play bring about a more democratic world?

This is just snapshot of the questions I hope to address during the course of 2 years. And I invite you back, as I share the results.

All the best and stay true to your inner Play!

And I’d love to hear from your side of the world.



  1. #1 by Michele James-Parham on July 31, 2008 - 7:00 am

    “…how does play contribute to fostering healthier, holistic, and more egalitarian communities? Does the freedom of play bring about a more democratic world?”

    When children own their Play and it and their autonomy is respected, they naturally learn by experimenting with ideas, concepts and processes through their Play. This learning and seeking meanders from one concept to another, until they have painted an organic (and ‘whole’ for them) picture of complex ideas and processes in their heads — having done so while having fun and at their own pace.

    During this Play, seek and learn, meandering journey, children discover who they are, what success means to them and what they want to do or work towards. If everyone was free to live life learning and unhindered, then we would naturally gravitate towards egalitarianism. Individuals would be respected for their own personal talents and their own personal successes.

    To want Peace, Love and Anarchy, we have to stop taking those things away from children. When a child has little to nothing to resist or rebel against, is when a child thrives and truly shines.

  2. #2 by j.m. holland on August 7, 2008 - 11:50 pm

    Great post. I wrote about chaos theory on my blog too.
    Maybe it is the rooted humanity of preschool that makes us open to possibility in our teaching.

    Great work. Keep it up.

  3. #3 by Trish on October 1, 2008 - 6:24 pm

    Amen to play! I wish I could just get the parents to understand how important it is to have our playtime. Thanks youl

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