Reflections of a teacher…

A teacher is intuitive about meeting the social and emotional needs of young people, placing these values precedent before curriculum. A teacher nurtures a healthy social and emotional development as a solid personal foundation for a healthy sense of well being, happiness, and success. A personalized framework supporting the social and emotional needs must be fully solidified before approaching a world of academics or any interdisciplinary study. A teacher honors the individual differences among young people and provides opportunities for self-directed choices in curriculum – introducing experiences to make further connections, as learners. A teacher values an environment fostering self-help skills, independence, self-reliance, trust, compassion, inquiry, and problem solving. A teacher acknowledges one’s weaknesses and strives to make weaknesses into strengths, in order to better serve the different needs of young people. In an effort a teacher can be called a “generalist,” someone who has stayed the course of being intuitive to a variable of interests experienced a multitude of knowledge in different subjects, and can combine ideas to formulate inquiry, reflection, while applying this broadness of knowledge to curriculum. A teacher takes a critical look at the technocracy of standardized testing, systematic grading, or any other bureaucratic, impersonalized measure that devalues education, into components to be appropriated, administered, or other wise managed from a top-down approach. A teacher is conscience about the importance of making learning personalized, customized, and rightfully in control of the students. And as a facilitator it is our objective to bridge together personal connections, promote inquiry, share in stories, be fully present in what interests flare up, and find creative ways to provide a continuum medium for the progression of student’s exploration.


  1. #1 by Matthew on July 1, 2008 - 11:57 am

    Please tell me more about the person who wrote this quote. I am impressed and would like some more background about him or her.

  2. #2 by riseoutcenter on July 31, 2008 - 2:16 am

    Hi Matthew,

    Sorry if I’m late on the response time, but I believe I came up with the quote. Thanks for your warm response, I certainly love the feedback. I think if you read my work you may discover more on my background. But your welcome to comment or contact me anytime.

    All the best play,


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