A K-2 Teacher’s Way of Shooing Away the Cold


After my cohorts expressed their surprise as to why I never get sick; I thought I reveal some of those remedies. Facing 17 coughing, sneezing, and runny nose 5, 6, and 7 year olds requires some preventive measures. Every morning I take a few capsules packed with all the right herbs. The capsules are packed full of astragulus, ginger, licorice root, and other herbs supplying an energy boost. Currently, I’m taking Oregon Wild Harvest product, labeled as an Energy Formula.

During the day at school, at home, or on the road I take Vitamin C (1,000 Milligrams) Vitamin B’s (B-Complex) works well to give vitality and energy, which can be found in a common brand called E-Mergency. These handy packets containing B and C are quite tasty, and are good for you.

A common mineral for fending off the cold is Zinc. I would recommend taking just small amounts (15 milligrams). Echinacea also is effective, but you have to take a decent amount (staying with the suggestions on the labels).

When feeling any sick like symptoms, I find these remedies healthy.

Try taking astragalus as a tea, and add Reishi (which I take in a tincture formula when I know the cold is coming on) mushroom. Garlic, ginger, green tea, and nettle teas work well for shooing the cold. At school I carry around a mug or jar full of tea. Often, I forget where I leave it, but the kids seem to have built in radar for safely retrieving my empty mug, and returning it with a warm smile.

Garlic is also a potent food for combating the cold. Chewing on raw garlic is the ultimate way to eradicate sickness. You may have to brace your self first timers, as the flavor of ginger can be a pungent punch in the mouth. But garlic also conveniently comes in capsules. Topple this over with plenty of straight H2O to make the herbs go down. Personally I drink many teas, especially Astagalus, Licorice (if you don’t have a weak heart) Nettle, and Green teas. But teas are a great way to flavor water and to flush out colds before it may strike.

Drinking too much alcohol or caffeine works against most vitamins. Too much alcohol will deplete the immune systems lowering the white blood count. Sorry teachers, but one to many at the bar may turn the immune system into a sort of vacant hotel for those cold “bugs” to move into.

Taking Oscillococcinum, which is a homeopathy remedy is another great flu buster when you first noticing signs (usually within the first 48 hours) of the common cold. This is more effective when not taken along with other herbs.

Did I mention drink alot of water, get ample fresh air, and rest? Keeping your house at a comfortable level, but not as comfortable to allow you to bare it all. Normally, the temperature in my house does not exceed 65 degrees. During the evening it is down to about 60 degree’s, so that you’re not sweating under the covers. In the morning we turn it back up if we’re in the house.

Cleaning out air filters periodically, about once a month makes for fresher indoor air. Newer homes are usually wrapped as tight as vacuum-sealed food you buy at the grocery store. Houses such as these should be ventilated more often. Tightly sealed homes in the winter times make suitable environments for potential mold and entrapping radon and other nasty off gassing. Mild winter days is perfect for opening windows and doors – keeping sickness astray. If you detect any funky odors, go ahead and make space for a gust of cold air to whip through your home, just remember to turn off the heat during, while turning it back on when your done.

Household plants also make perfect décor and ambience for filtering out some of the stale air or off gassing, such as, formaldehyde (found in plywood, adhesives, carpets and paints) and benzene (found in Styrofoam and plastics. Head to your nearest nursery and ask them to steer you in the right direction of plants that will help soak up some of that unhealthy air.

Fresh air, healthy food, plenty or water, some exercise, the right amount of herbs is what I have discovered to keep a teacher spry for taking on the school “bug” – keeping me away from the doctor and surrounded by those jubilant kids. Besides, the kiddos need you healthy and alert. Perhaps sick days can now be better served, as an extension to a vacation on the beach.


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