Number Banners

Today we painted and decorated #’s between 0 and 10 to form # banners. There were a number (excuse the pun – can’t help myself) of steps to get this project into full throttle. After copying off # sheets for them to trace with paint, sand, glitter, or any other flare of their choice – with the only rule being that the # needs to be visible, they snipped away first by cutting out each number. Of course, the teacher under estimated the amount of time for the projects as 3 or 4 of the kiddos flew through at warp speed while the other few worked on Picasso numbers. The rate and variances of paces is always the teacher juggling act. After the cut out the #’s they assembled a banner for attaching their #’s in sequence. One, who has a long history of taking a radical creative course went from greatest to least like a NASA countdown. By the end of the day each completed their # banner hung at height on the studio walls for young mathematician eyes.


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