Preschool Punk Picture Roll

Well… it is quickly approaching the end of the school year and we thought Preschool Punks would go out in style, as we gear up for next school year. Have no fear, there are narrative pieces of writing in the mix — here to be unveiled soon on such topics as, Brawling In The Pre-K, Allowing Space In the Classroom from Those Pesky Teachers, The Germ Monster Ate My Child, and much, much, more. Preschool Punks has been attending to many birthday parties – having happy hour with Spider-Man, Batman, Pegasus, Princesses, Witches, and an entourage of other super-heroes and villains – with little time left for blogging. These pictures tell much more of the story then all the jubbled up words can do. But without further due, we will be rolling out the pictures for the next week of all our favorite Preschool Punk pictures. So stay tuned…

Here’s our favoirite pic, as staff kids take all the glory! She wears a cool pair of glasses.

Always time to clown around.

Business as usual…

Sampling food from the local farmers market…

You can not mess with this tribe!

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