Hold The Meth Kid

Today the kids must have had meth in their Fruit Loops.

Our morning circle which consists either of gathering any news from the kids, a song, a book, or an experiment, was a warm welcome, quite cheerio. All seemed attentive and focused on the play of the day. And before you knew it there was the shouting match, the shove, a dirty diaper change tantrum, two puddles of pee (I mean this little girl holds quite a reserve), the crumbled up paper contest, and for snack the…”I want some cake…I want some cake…I want some cake,” scream at their top of your lungs all at once.

Yes, we celebrated a special birthday for the three year blog cover girl, but after that I had to duck away from the noise at least for a moment to grab a piece of sanity. As for the cake it was full of organic fruit richness, and oats. And I inhaled it in a gasp of relief. And chalked up another day in the life of Preschool Punks.

  1. #1 by Peripheral Vision on July 19, 2006 - 6:19 am

    In the words of the three-year-old blog cover girl – “Mama, I like Paul.”

    Punk is the only way to go when learning how to hold or not hold your pee, the best way to shove your sister and how to let your three-year-old walk away from you, hand in hand with her teacher, “cake” on her mind and adoration in her heart.

    Down with Fruit Loops – up with organic apricots – Meth as needed!

    Gratitude always.

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